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Brushed Carpets Artist Statement:

'I treat this material, this acrylic school and office carpet with rhythm, music and movement. Each stroke of the brush imbues this square with spirit and liveliness. The carpet responds wildly, avidly, happy and free'


This work was presented by Zoe Brand for Personal Space Project. For a text piece on this work and more information on this wonderful project in context, click the link. 






brushed carpets, personal space.jpg
personal space project nb2.jpg
personal space project nb.jpg
office frazzle 72.jpg
office frazzle detail 72.jpg
holey grey 72.jpg
Big Muff_NBaker_1of3_frontSMALL.jpg
Big Muff_NBaker_2of3_backSMALL.jpg
Big Muff_NBaker_3of3_indicating scale_SMALL.jpg
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